Daemeon Hampton, M.D.


Personnel File #Z-227-31

Name:Hampton,Daemeon Matthew M.D

Birth date and location:Feb. 28th 1983 East Baton Rouge Parish,Baton Rouge,LA

Doctor Hampton lost both parents within age five and fifteen and spent the last of his formative years with his Uncles at their family home miles outside of Baton Rouge. He graduated a year early from High School and went directly to Harvard University to pursue his education. Within seven years Dr.Hampton graduated with his Doctorate in Psychiatry.Within the following year he also acquired a Doctorate in Bio-Chemistry. His Doctoral thesis,“The continued evolution of Man.” was published in the journal of medicine and lauded as the “break through paper of the year”.

He was given a grant by the University to continue his studies concerning Psionics and the mapping of proposed human evolution. Dr.Hampton’s work proposed the reevaluation of Dr.Henrich Heilers “Theory of the applied Ego”,the original codification of Psionic theory posited upon its official discovery in 1976.Dr.Hampton published, “The Hierarchy of Psionic Virtue.” a series of papers outlining the psychological effects on the mental health of the Psionic, the evolutionary facts Psionics represent and the theories behind post regressive evolution and de-evolution to propel species population.
Dr.Hampton’s work expanded to collate biologic and psionic evolution. He tracked and displayed the cluster of genes believed to be an inherent constant for the Psionic. In 2009 Dr.Hampton moved to Stanford University to work with Geneticists to forward studies on the “Ubermensch Project”. His work at Stanford was instrumental in the development of “Remedex-Hydro Cordite-GH” a serotonin enchancer used to help psionically gifted and genetically altered individuals cope with their altered physiology.
Dr.Hampton is currently a part of studies regarding degenerative Psionics at UC Davis Medical.He is a priority acquisition for “Project Outreach.”

Daemeon Hampton, M.D.

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